Hello there! My name is Manfred.
Make yourselves at home!

Have a biscuit, make some tea and sit down in a comfortable chair of your choice. What can I do for you?

I believe that the only thing that matters with different art forms is whether they move you or not. I aim to touch, I aim to move, I aim to change.
And that's about enough pretentiousness, now let's go have some fun, shall we?

I started out as a keyboard player for a rock band. Them and I made some awesome songs, played some awful gigs and had a hell of a good time. One day, we wanted some recordings done and I took hold of the steering wheels at the mix table. It turned out quite crap. But I kept on struggling, making better recordings, better songs, better arrangements, better mixes and better productions over all. I had so much fun doing this and made such good improvements that I started studying music production. I followed up with broadening my studies with photography, movie making, sound design, web design and such.

As of now, I'm in the middle of college studies and meanwhile I'm doing all sorts of jobs from different people in different areas on different times, in different ways of expression of different art forms in a different way.

So, even though I do this and I do that, I keep my work concentrated. Have a look on the pages of my work in film, music or production.


I am a freelancing producer and composer.
I write music for film, television, theatre and events. I deal with photography, photo editing, artwork design, movie making, editing and production.